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How do I create a tournament?
How do I create a tournament?

Simple steps to set up a tournament and publish it to your Discord server

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Note: You'll need to complete initial setup in your server before following the steps below.

If you'd like to use only the scoring automation feature of Dustup, follow the steps for results-only instead.

  1. In the #dustup-admin channel, run /create-tournament.

  2. You'll be prompted to enter a tournament name—enter the name then hit enter. This will:

    • Create a new role for the tournament (for registered players).

    • Message you in the new #admin channel with a tournament info embed (this will be blank).

  3. Go to the tournament's #admin channel. Below the tournament embed, click Input details. This will open the tournament settings in your default browser. If this is the first time you've used the dashboard, you'll also be asked to authenticate through Discord.

  4. Enter your tournament details.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Go back to the tournament's #admin channel in Discord. You'll see that the details in the tournament embed have now been updated.

  7. Make sure the details are accurate, then click Publish. This will:

    • Create a #register channel.

    • Publish basic tournament details to #register with a registration button.

    • Publish full tournament details to #tournament-info (only visible to registered players).

Note: If you've disabled registrations, you'll need to manually assign the tournament role to all registered players before they can see the competition details in #tournament-info.

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