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How do I share access codes with the bot?
How do I share access codes with the bot?

Start a private match and share the access code with players

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Note: You should have completed tournament creation and closed check-ins before starting this process.

Start a game

The channels you need to use will differ slightly whether you're hosting a single-lobby or multi-lobby tournament:







We'll use single-lobby examples below.

  1. In #admin, enter /start-match.

  2. Follow the prompts to open your game, get the access codes (e.g., Join Code in Apex), and submit to the bot.

  3. The access codes will be shared with registered players in #tournament-info.

You're now done with the bot until the results of the first game!

Warning: If you're playing Apex or another game that uses our AI scoring, don't forget to take a screenshot of the results screen.

Update the access code

If for whatever reason your in-game lobby fails and you need to pull players into a new lobby, we have a facility to update the access code.

  1. Enter /update-code in #admin

  2. Follow the prompts (as before).

  3. We'll replace the original code in #tournament-info with the new code and alert all players registered for that match.

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