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How do I check-in?
How do I check-in?

Confirm your availability before the tournament starts

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Note: You must be registered before you can access the #tournament-info channel and check-in.

React to check-in

When the tournament organiser opens check-ins, you'll see a message posted in #tournament-info.

To check-in, simply react to the message!

Regular vs. captain-only check-ins

Whether your team is considered fully checked-in with a secured slot in the tournament will depend on the tournament settings:

  • Regular check-ins: All players on your team must check-in.

  • Captain-only check-ins: Only the captain needs to check-in.

Checking in when you're on the wait list

If your team registered after all slots in the tournament were filled, your team will be considered on the wait list.

If you're on the wait list, you should still check-in. If any registered teams fail to check-in, your team will automatically replace them in the teams line-up when the organiser closes check-ins.

Note: Our wait list feature has very basic functionality at the moment and we have many improvements coming soon!

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