What channels does Dustup create and what are they for?

In the course of organising tournaments using Dustup, we’ll be automatically generating a number channels for you. Here we breakdown what each channel is for.

Bot admin channels

Channel name Visibility Purpose
#dustup-admin Admins Run /server-setup here; access your admin dashboard; access subscription settings.

Tournament channels

These channels will appear after creating a tournament or closing check-ins.

Channel name Visibility Purpose
#admin Admins This is the “master” admin channel for each tournament, where you run tournament-wide commands. For individual match/lobby commands, use the #match-x-admin channels.
#tournament-info Registered players A read-only channel where important info about the tournament is shared with registered players.
#lobby Registered players A free-for-all where registered players can chat about the ongoing tournament.
#chat Registered players Voice chat for the tournament.
#register Anyone on server Players register their teams here. Appears after the tournament details are published.
#match-x-info Players assigned to match A read-only channel where important info about the match is shared with the players participating in the match, e.g., access codes for the game lobby. Matches will be numbered in the order they were created, e.g., #match-1-info, #match-2-info, #match-3-info.
#match-x-admin Players assigned to match This is where you run the commands that are match-specific, e.g., publishing the access codes.